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Training Center

Discover the Cutter Automotive Training Center on Living808

Our friends over at Living808 recently highlighted the new sales associate training programs offered here at the Cutter Automotive Training Center. We pride ourselves on teaching our staff – from receptionists to sales staff to service advisors to management - everything they need to know in order to help our customers have the perfect dealership experience. The Cutter Automotive Training Center is a new facility that trains staff members for every one of our Cutter Automotive dealership locations. Here at Cutter Automotive, we like to “grow our own” which is to say, we ensure that all of our training is done from the ground up. Cutter Automotive knows that dedicating time to training every single employee will ensure that our dealerships run smoothly and, perhaps most importantly, that our customers will be the happiest customers in town!

We also pride ourselves on making sure that our sales team is made from the cream of the crop, and that means welcoming more and more women into the showroom. The Cutter Automotive Training Center is trying to change the automotive industry from a boys’ club to an all-inclusive industry. Women can be gear heads, too, so why shouldn’t they be able to sell you a great car? We don’t know the answer to that, either, so Cutter Automotive Training Center is working to bridge the gap between women and the automotive industry. The Cutter Automotive Training Center welcomes women and encourages them to apply for sales associate and sales consultant positions at any of our dealerships. With more and more women buying cars on their own these days, having a female associate can make all the difference in closing a sale. The Cutter Automotive Training Center encourages women to get into the automotive industry and wants to give them the confidence and the know-how to make it big in an industry that has too long been a men-only game.

Cutter Training Center

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Mission Statement for the Cutter Automotive Training Center;

To serve as a first class training facility promoting the philosophy, attitude and techniques of professional automotive sales and service.  This organization provides training and development to all dealership employees in hopes of creating a culture of professionalism and long term employee and client retention.  

  • Training center established 3/1/12
  • Curriculum includes material from nationally recognized sales trainers and mentors as well as input from our companies Sr. Management.
  • Courses include; Sr. management, Sales management, Finance and Insurance, Advanced sales, Service advisor, Parts counter and of course, the Basic Sales for new Recruits.
  • Additional courses include; Communication skills training, phone and computer skills training, Tracking the numbers, Handling customer complaints, Penciling the deal, Legal and Compliance issues, Consistency in management and others.
  • Classes to include audio and visual tapes and DVDs, workbooks, power point presentations, role playing and rehearsing as well as personal lectures and guest speakers.

“The last couple of months have been committed to curriculum development.  We have courses on Management including sales and leadership, communication skills and goal setting.  Finance management including office set up, selling skills, bank relations and legal and compliance issues.  Of course we’ve got a very thorough Automobile Sales series for beginners as well as veteran sales people and Assistant Managers but we’re also working with our Service Advisors and parts countermen.  Anyone that comes in contact with a customer will have training on people handling skills.” says Scheuring.

“We’re committed to growing our own” claims Jarrett Cutter.  “Turnover within companies is so costly and often times by hiring from the outside, we don’t always know what we’re going to get; lots of bad habits out there and not a lot of quality training being offered anywhere.”  “We’ve come up with the best curriculum possible” says Scheuring, “there are several quality nationwide sales trainers whose material we will be working with as well as material from Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Marcus Buckingham and others.” 

“Besides sales and management training”, Scheuring says “we will be focusing on mentoring.  Creating a strong relationship between the manager and the employee is the key to a strong company where the employees are ‘fully engaged’ in their roles.  We’ll concentrate on the 4 primary responsibilities of management; selecting the right individuals, setting expectations, motivating and developing our people.  By creating a culture where the employees are ‘fully engaged’, we know this is the link between higher performance, higher profits, higher employee retention and higher customer satisfaction.”

With nearly 30 years of automotive experience himself, Scheuring will be the primary instructor for the Training Center.  “I’ve made it a point to become a student of my profession over the years and this is a chance to really do what I love to do for a living.  I’ve accumulated a lot of resources during the past 30 years and I’m including the best of what I’ve come across into our curriculum.  It’s a big responsibility and our reputation is at stake.  With this in mind, we’ve come up with what we believe is a ‘First Class’ training facility.  We’ve got a conference room for classroom training utilizing workbooks, videos, audio tapes and lecture.  Smaller booths set up for computer and phone skills training, an F&I office set up to mirror those in our stores so a new Finance manager can learn how to set up an office and package

Click the links below to hear various radio interviews with Gary Scheuring regarding the CutterAuto Training Center

Cutter training center aims to boost service, leadership

Cutter Automotive Galleries has created a training center to service its dealerships in Honolulu, Pearl City and Waipahu.

George F. Lee


Gary Scheuring, corporate director of the new Cutter Automotive Training Center, spoke to the sales staff at Friday’s opening of the department at Cutter Dodge.

Former Cutter General Manager Gary Scheuring will head the new department, which will offer courses on management, finance and automobile sales, as well as assistance for service advisers and employees at the auto parts counter. The training center, which held its opening Friday, is at 805 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 200.  

The dealerships are owned by brothers Marc and Jarrett Cutter.

“This is a huge commitment on behalf of the Cutter family,” Scheuring said. “We’ll be working with all levels in the dealerships from the GMs on down. With a company of over 400 people, there are lots of opportunities to grow and develop.”

Cutter Automotive has spent the past couple of months developing curriculum. The management courses include sales and leadership, communication skills and goal setting. Finance management includes office setup, selling skills, bank relations, and legal and compliance issues. There is an automobile sales series for beginners as well as veteran sales people and assistant managers.

“Anyone that comes in contact with a customer will have training on people-handling skills,” Scheuring said.

Jarrett Cutter, the company’s chief operating officer, said the company is committed “to growing our own.”

“Turnover within companies is so costly, and oftentimes by hiring from the outside, we don’t always know what we’re going to get. Lots of bad habits out there and not a lot of quality training being offered anywhere. We’ve come up with the best curriculum possible.”

Training Center

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